KLEIN TOOLS Non-Sparking Sledge Hammer

Klein non-sparking sledge hammers are ideal for oil refineries, chemical plants and other industrial facilities where flammable or explosive materials are present. They are made of brass that prevents the hammer from creating sparks when it strikes the work surface. This safety feature prevents the accidental ignition of flammable gases or dust, causing an explosion or fire. Their heads ...are securely epoxied to the handles to prevent detachment during impact blows.Read more

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Working Mechanism

  • These hammers have a similar mechanism as standard sledge hammers but come with a non-sparking head.
  • They deliver powerful blows when swung with full force to break apart objects, drive nails and conduct other heavy-duty tasks.
  • Their long handle allows the user to apply more force and leverage when striking the object, causing it to move or deform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the handle made of?

The handle on these non-sparking sledge hammers is made of fibreglass, offering durability and strength while absorbing shock and vibrations during striking.

What is the purpose of a wedge?

Klein hammers feature a brass wedge that permanently secures the head to the handle and eliminates the spark danger, as opposed to steel wedges used in other hammers.

What is the advantage of a double-faced head design?

The double-face head offers maximum striking surface while enhancing balance during the operation.

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