DWYER INSTRUMENTS ADPS/EDPS Series Differential Pressure Switches

Dwyer ADPS Series differential pressure switches are designed to monitor and control differential pressure in HVAC systems, cleanrooms and filtration systems. These air differential pressure switches are suitable for air and other non-combustible gases.

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Working Mechanism

  • Dwyer ADPS Series differential pressure switches operate based on the principle of sensing the difference in pressure between two points. These switches consist of a diaphragm that is exposed to the pressure on each side. As the pressure differential changes, it causes a corresponding deflection of the diaphragm.
  • Inside the switch, there is a mechanism that translates this deflection into a mechanical movement. This movement, in turn, actuates a snap-action switch. The switch has two positions: open and closed. When the pressure differential reaches a certain set point, the mechanical movement triggers the switch to change its state from open to closed or vice versa.
  • The change in the switch's state can be used to trigger various actions, such as activating an alarm, opening or closing valves or starting or stopping a system. By adjusting the set point of the switch, users can control when these actions occur based on the desired pressure differential.


  • Dwyer ADPS Series differential pressure switches feature polyoxymethylene for high mechanical strength and rigidity.
  • They are housed in a NEMA 3 enclosure for protecting against dust, water and corrosion.
  • These differential pressure switches have push-on screw terminals for better electrical conductivity with connections.
  • They can be operated at temperatures ranging from -4 to 185 degrees F.
  • These Dwyer ADPS Series differential pressure switches are equipped with an adjustment knob for switching pressures.
  • They have a silicone diaphragm for prolonged service life.
  • These units have an SPDT (single-pole double-throw) switch for on / off function and to detect any change in the vacuum level.

Compatible Accessories

  • Dwyer A-489 Static Pressure Tip: This static pressure tip enables accurate measurement of static pressure, enhancing the performance and functionality of the pressure switch system.

Standards and Approvals

  • CE
  • CSA

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of mounting do these switches offer?

It allows vertical mounting for easy and secure installation.

What are the steps to follow during maintenance of these pressure switches?

  • Moving parts of this switch do not need regular maintenance or lubrication.
  • The switch should be kept reasonably clean.
  • The venting drain plug should be periodically rotated and returned to its original position to remove any deposits accumulated in switch applications having excessive condensation conditions.

What are the factors to consider while choosing a differential pressure switch for my application?

Major factors include the desired pressure range, the media being measured (gas or liquid), the electrical requirements, the environmental conditions and safety standards.

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