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ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX7000 Gasket Cutter, M3 Mount Rotary-Style, 2 to 22 Inch Cutting Diameter

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Product Specifications:

ItemGasket Cutter
Body MaterialCast Iron
Cutting BoardNo
Cutting Depth1/4"
Cutting Width1/4" to 7"
Gasket Cutter TypeRotary Style
Height4 1/2"
Includes(1) M3 Rotary-Style Gasket Cutter, (1) Operations Manual, (1) Hole Punch 11/32"
Length18 1/5"
Max. Work Thickness7"
Maximum Cutting Diameter22"
Minimum Cutting Diameter2"
Number of Pieces1
System of MeasurementImperial
TypeCrank Operated
Used ForCork, Fiber and Rubber
Width9 4/5"

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 6.75
Ship height (cm)15.24
Ship length (cm)53.34
Ship width (cm)30.48
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:


Allpax AX7000 gasket cutter is used to create flange, ring and irregular shape gaskets out of non-metallic gasket materials, such as cork, fibre and rubber. This Allpax AX7000 gasket cutter is also used to cut out multiple, same-sized gaskets in power plants, breweries, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and food processing industries.


  • Allpax AX7000 is an M3 rotary-style gasket cutter, ideal for cutting precise flanges, rings and irregular shape gaskets out of non-metallic materials, such as cork, fibre and rubber.
  • It has a hand crank for drawing in the gasket materials towards the cutting discs by rotating them and initiating the gasket cutting process of Allpax AX7000 gasket cutter.
  • Allpax AX7000 gasket cutter has a 7 inch throat for cutting gaskets having face widths ranging from 1/4 to 7 inches and diameters ranging from 2 inches (internal) to 22 inches (outer).
  • It features heavy-duty cast-iron frame with precision steel components for structural strength and long term operation.
  • Allpax AX7000 gasket cutter is equipped with durable rotary cutting discs made of heat-treated steel for cutting gaskets having thicknesses of up to 1/4 inches.
  • This Allpax AX7000 mounts to a workbench having a vise or to a vertical flange with the help of C-clamps.

Compatible Accessories:

  • Scale bars: Raptor Supplies delivers a medium scale bar to extend the cutting range of Allpax AX7000 gasket cutter from 22 to 42 inches and a long scale bar to extend the cutting range from 42 to 62 inches.

Standards and Approvals:

  • Allpax AX7000 gasket cutter meets OSHA standards to ensure a safe and hazard-free work environment.


  • Allpax AX7000 gasket cutter is mounted on a vise or clamped to a piece of angle iron in an upright position.
  • Before the operation, protective tape over cutting discs of Allpax AX7000 should be removed while being careful of their razor-sharp edges.
  • Allpax AX7000 gasket cutter parts may need adjustment according to application. The top cutting disc may also need sharpening using a hand sharpening stone.
  • It is recommended to regularly clean & lubricate the gears and parts of Allpax AX7000 gasket cutter using a light machine oil.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I choose the right gasket cutter?

A. The first deciding factor that a user must decide on is whether the assembly needs to be stationary or portable.
In general, the extension-style circular gasket cutters are portable and lightweight. These gasket cutter kits are widely used to fabricate non-metallic or non-rigid gasket materials. On the other hand, the rotary gasket cutters are heavier and require mounting or bolting on a vise or a workbench for fixed-location gasket cutting.
The rotary gasket cutters are ideal for metallic or rigid gasket materials, as well as cutting out irregular shape gaskets. These gasket cutters are powered using either a hand crank or using an electric motor. The motorised version provides quick, hassle-free operation but requires electric power. The hand-operated rotary gasket cutters do not require any electrical power supply and can be installed anywhere.
Users can further narrow their search for the right gasket cutters by selecting on the basis of cutting diameter specifications that indicate the face widths of the finished gaskets.

Q. What is the difference between a rotary gasket cutter and an extension style gasket cutter?

A. A rotary style gasket cutter is widely used in applications having a permanent installation constraint, whereas the extension-style gasket cutter can be moved easily from one location to another for cutting large diameter gaskets. The latter, unlike the former, also requires the gasket material to be laid flat on a workbench or a dedicated gasket fabrication table.

Q. Does Allpax AX7000 gasket cutter require assembling?

A. No, Allpax AX7000 gasket cutter comes completely assembled and pre-adjusted for use from the factory.

Q. Does Allpax AX7000 gasket cutter come in other variants?

A. Raptor Supplies can deliver a similar (Allpax AX7001) gasket cutter for cutting metallic material, such as soft steel, copper, zinc and brass. Allpax AX7001 bench-mounted gasket cutter also has a throat of 8.75 inches for making gaskets, rings & flanges having face widths ranging from 1/2 to 8-3/4 inches.

Product Variants

ProductModelMaximum Cutting DiameterMinimum Cutting DiameterSystem of MeasurementPrice
ALLPAX AX7050 Mount Rotary Style Gasket Cutter M3 Vise, Metric | CD6MHE AX7050559mm51mmMetric€866.25

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ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX7000 Gasket Cutter, M3 Mount Rotary-Style, 2 to 22 Inch Cutting Diameter
€866.25 /unit