OEM Specialty Blowers


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OEM Blowers

StyleModelPrice (ex. VAT)

OEM Blower

StyleModelMax. Inlet Temp.CFM @ 2.000-In. SPBearing TypeCFM @ 0.100-In. SPCFM @ 0.200-In. SPCFM @ 0.300-In. SPCFM @ 0.500-In. SPCFM @ 1.000-In. SPPrice (ex. VAT)
A35115-7020104 Degrees F-Sleeve-94--59€185.73
B35400-7000104 Degrees F108Sleeve-236--199€411.93
C34744-7000104 Degrees F-Sleeve-75---€280.95
D35000-7100104 Degrees F-Sleeve-115---€358.96
E34739-7010104 Degrees F44Sleeve-137--108€224.27
D35400-0010130 Degrees F120Sleeve245238235225175€484.44
F35440-0000130 Degrees F115Sleeve245241240230200€422.84
F36740-0010130 Degrees F20Sleeve13513113012090€427.76
F36740-0000130 Degrees F20Sleeve13513113012090€323.07
F35515-0010130 Degrees F-Sleeve10095908060€211.82
F35770-0094130 Degrees F100Ball245241240230200€611.95
D34739-0020130 Degrees F20Sleeve13513113012090€400.22
F36770-0115130 Degrees F100Ball245241240230200€871.45
F35770-0092130 Degrees F100Ball245241240230200€470.53
D36760-0115130 Degrees F100Ball245241240230200€806.49
D35760-0094130 Degrees F100Ball245241240230200€596.32
D35760-0092130 Degrees F100Ball245241240230200€599.69
F35440-0010130 Degrees F115Sleeve245241240230200€514.93

OEM Blowers

The OEM specialty blowers from Dayton are used in cooling greenhouses and ventilating small buildings, wood and corn stoves and electrical enclosures. Dayton blower units incorporate balanced ball or sleeve-bearing motors with cast-aluminium end shields, leading to greater heat dissipation and longer service life. These blowers can be mounted in any position and they operate with minimal noise and vibration.

StyleModelFlange WidthCFM @ 0.500-In. SPAmpsCFM @ 0.000-In. SPCFM @ 0.100-In. SPCFM @ 0.200-In. SPCFM @ 0.250-In. SPCFM @ 0.300-In. SPPrice (ex. VAT)

Oem Specialty Blower Totally Enclosed, Shaded Pole, 115 V

ModelItemPrice (ex. VAT)

OEM Specialty Blowers

OEM specialty blowers are used to replace an original blower present in an equipment. Their direct-drive design connects the motor directly to the fan through shafts or axles for increasing the energy efficiency. They also feature a forward curved fan to push out the air tangentially from the circumference of the fan. These OEM blowers have a totally enclosed / open motor with ball or sleeve bearings for reduction in friction and preventing entry of contaminants. The motors also have Class A or B insulation for withstanding high temperatures. Raptor Supplies offers these OEM blowers with a single air inlet for pulling in foul air from a single direction and double air inlets for delivering high volumes of airflow. The blowers are available with rectangular or round shaped outlets for fitting ducts easily.
Raptor Supplies offers OEM blowers from brands like Dayton, Fasco and Jabsco with airflow ratings ranging from 12 to 1202 CFM @ 0.000 Inch SP (static pressure).
Dayton OEM blowers are ideal for continuous-duty heating, cooling and ventilating operations. They feature a motor with cast aluminium end shields leading to greater heat dissipation, decreased downtime and longer service life. Selected models of these Dayton OEM blowers have externally mounted fans (between the motor and the blower wheel) to reduce the motor heating and double inlets & outlets for ensuring maximum airflow. These OEM blowers can be mounted in all positions using side mounting tabs and mounting flanges.


OEM specialty blowers are ideally used for replacing a faulty, old or worn out original equipment's blower. These OEM blowers can provide direct in-situ replacement of the blowers as they have the same physical footprint (shape & size) as the blower being replaced.


  • OEM blowers are used to ventilate spaces with no airflow by connecting to round or rectangular ducts.
  • They are equipped with motors having ball or sleeve bearings for reducing friction-related damages.
  • These direct-driven motors are directly connected to the fan through shafts or axles for increased energy efficiency.
  • They also have Class A or B insulation for operating in high temperatures.
  • These OEM blowers have forward-curve fans for supplying air tangentially from the circumference of the fan wheel.
  • OEM blowers are used to ventilate spaces with no airflow by connecting to round or rectangular ducts.
  • They are equipped with motors having ball or sleeve bearings for reducing friction related damages.
  • These direct driven motors are directly connected to the fan through shafts or axles for increased energy efficiency.
  • They also have class A or B insulation for operating in high temperatures.
  • These OEM blowers have forward curve fans for supplying air tangentially from the circumference of the fan wheel.
  • Some OEM blowers like Dayton 1TDP6 blower have direct drive motors for connecting fan wheels directly to motor shaft, thereby reducing maintenance and improving efficiency.

Working Mechanism

OEM specialty blowers are installed in a standalone manner or are fitted on ducts using mounting flanges. They are first connected with the appropriate power supply and then switched on. This starts up the motor and rotates the equipped fan / wheels. The rotating fan creates a centrifugal force that forces the inside air to circulate through the inlets. These OEM blowers suck in air from outside (when supplying air to a confined space) or from inside a confined space (when ventilating spaces). Then, they discharge the air through the outlet in a particular direction.

Standards and Approvals

Jabsco blowers are designed in accordance with standards like CE, ISO 8846, ISO 9097 Marine and compliant to NMMA / USCG regulation 183.410. Fasco OEM blowers are UL listed & CSA certified for ensuring safe operations.
The Dayton OEM blowers are equipped with CE-certified, RoHS-compliant and cULus-listed motors for user safety, superior performance and environmental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in case of specialty blower failure?

Assuming that the selected OEM blower is supplied with the correct power supply and is the correct choice for the desired airflow, the first thing to check is the status of the wiring connections. Motors should also be lubricated regularly for smooth operation. Users should also take care that they do not run the blowers in the opposite direction of the motor rotation as it leads to a shorter operating life of the blowers.

How can users select the right OEM specialty blowers for their needs?

First, the users should measure the electrical supply specifications required for powering their OEM blower. Depending upon the surface area of the space, the required airflow of the blower should also be calculated. The customers should take note of the construction, type of motor used and the ducting connections available before buying the unit.

What accessories are compatible with the Dayton OEM blowers?

Raptor Supplies can deliver a wide range of accessories that fit into these Dayton OEM blowers. Couplers are used to link these blowers with compatible ducts for airtight supply or discharge of air. They can also be fitted with outlet guards for preventing entry of contaminants & damage to the OEM blowers. We also supply replacement parts like motors, fan blades, mounting hardware and blower wheels for replacing faulty parts of the Dayton OEM blowers.

What variants of OEM blowers are available on Raptor Supplies?

Raptor Supplies offers various variants of OEM blowers, namely backward incline blowers, belt drive forward curve blowers and spark resistant blowers. The backward inclined blowers are designed to operate regardless of the static pressure applied, due to their overload protection facility. The belt drive forward curve blowers offer flexibility in terms of rotational speeds as compared to direct-drive blowers, as the motor is not directly connected with their fan or wheel's moving parts. Spark resistant blowers are used to ventilate commercial kitchens & other hazardous areas that have traces of flammable gases or volatile compounds.

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